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06/01/2015 Public Consultation on Proposed Regulatory Framework on Nutrition and Health Claims on Infant Formula, Follow-up Formula, and Prepackaged Foods for Infants and Young Children under the Age of 36 Months in Hong Kong (PDF file)PDF(1.1MB)
29/12/2014 Public Consultation on New Agricultural Policy : Sustainable Agricultural Development in Hong Kong (PDF file)PDF(3.7MB)
15/12/2014 Public Consultation on Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme
12/12/2014 Public Consultation on Regulation of Private Healthcare Facilities
11/07/2014 Environmental ReportPDF(68KB) Environmental Report PDF
18/06/2014 Private Columbaria Bill
11/04/2014 Steering Committee on Review of Hospital Authority
04/04/2014 Replies to initial written questions raised by Finance Committee Members in examining the Estimates of Expenditure 2014-15
05/04/2013 Hong Kong Reference Framework for Hypertension Care for Adults in Primary Care Settings
22/02/2013 Import and Export (General)(Amendment) Regulation 2013
07/02/2013 Amendments to Import and Export (General) Regulations (Cap. 60, sub. leg. A) - Legislative Proposals (PDF file)PDF

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Private Columbaria Bill Import and Export (General)(Amendment) Regulation 2013
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