Boards and Committees
Boards and Committees

Advisory Committee on Mental Health

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise the Government on mental health policies, including the establishment of more integral and comprehensive approaches to tackle multi-faceted mental health issues in Hong Kong;

  2. To assist the Government in developing policies, strategies and measures to enhance mental health services in Hong Kong;

  3. To follow up on and monitor the implementation of the recommendations of the 2017 Mental Health Review Report (“the Review Report”);

  4. Building on the foundation of the Review Report, to assist the Government to further enhance the work in the following areas:
    (a) Promotion and Education – to raise awareness, reduce stigmatization and step up prevention and early identification of mental health problems;

    (b) Capacity Building – to increase supply of services, and to strengthen professional training, patient empowerment and support for family and carers;

    (c) Support to Children and Adolescents – to strengthen mental health services support to children and adolescents, from prevention, awareness to early identification, school and parental empowerment, timely interventions and treatments, through to rehabilitation;

    (d) Mental Health Services for Adults – to enhance services for adult patients with common mental disorders and severe mental illnesses, including treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration into the community;

    (e) Support for the Elderly with Dementia – to facilitate diagnosis and management of dementia, develop a dementia-friendly neighbourhood with more support services, and enhance medical-social collaboration;

    (f) Research and Studies – to commission studies (i) on the state of mental health of the population in Hong Kong and the local prevalence of mental health problems with a view to facilitating service planning and (ii) on effective overseas experiences and models; and

    (g) Other related work – to identify, study, advise, and strengthen such other matters which would be conducive to improving mental health services in Hong Kong.


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