Advisory Council on Food and Environmental Hygiene


Confirmed Minutes of the Twenty-eighth Meeting

held at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, 28 September 2005

at Room 2005, 20/F, Murray Building, Garden Road, Central




Professor YUEN Kwok-yung, SBS, JP


Dr CHAN Hei-ling, Helen


Mr HUNG Hak-hip, Peter


Dr Anthony Edward JAMES


Mr KWOK Chun-wah, Jimmy, MH


Miss LAM Chui-lin


Mrs LAM WONG Pik-har, Grace


Dr LO Chi-kin, JP


Dr LO King-shun


Dr TANG Shuk-ming, Winnie


Dr WONG Sin-ying, Lillian


Mrs Carrie YAU


Permanent Secretary for Health,               Welfare and Food

Mr Thomas CHAN


Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation

Mr Gregory LEUNG


Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene


Mr Wallace LAU


Secretary of the Advisory Council on     Food and Environmental Hygiene


�@ �@ �@ �@




Absent with Apologies


Mr FONG Wo, Felix, JP


Professor HO Suk-ching, Sara


Professor KWAN Hoi-shan


Ms LAM Wai-ling, Leona, JP


Dr LO Wing-lok, JP



Director of Health



In Attendance


Health, Welfare and Food Bureau


Mr Johnson TANG

Assistant Secretary (Food and Environmental Hygiene) 1

Mr Louis NG

Senior Executive Officer (Food and    Environmental Hygiene)


Food and Environmental Hygiene Department


Dr Thomas CHUNG

Assistant Director (Food Surveillance      and Control)



Consultant (Community Medicine) (Risk Assessment and Communication)


Mr YUEN Ming-chi

Pest Control Officer i/c


Mr Stanley NG

Senior Administrative Officer (Food and Public Health)



Department of Health


Dr Thomas TSANG

Acting Controller, Centre for Health Protection




Opening Remarks


             The Chairman welcomed Members to the meeting.



Agenda Item 1: Confirmation of the Minutes of the Last Meeting


2.          Members confirmed the minutes of the last meeting, which had incorporated the proposed amendments of Dr. Thomas CHUNG of the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.



Agenda Item 2: Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Last Meeting


3.          There was no matter arising from the minutes of the last meeting.



Agenda Item 3: Confidential Papers Discussed



Agenda Item 4: Any Other Business


4.          The Chairman enquired whether intelligence were available on what other food safety authorities were doing at the time malachite green became a topical issue in August.  He believed intelligence gathering / exchanges with its counterparts should be a priority so that the department would not miss out on time sensitive issues like malachite green in fish.  He also highlighted the importance of informing the public that it would be impossible to ensure absolute safety in food.  That there was a limit on how much the Government could do in ensuring food safety because of resource constraint.  


5.          Following up on development in malachite green incident, a Member told the meeting that some people were still skeptical about eating fish, as they were not sure about its safety.  She suggested that the Government send a strong message to dispel such uncertainties and restore public confidence in consuming freshwater fish.  The meeting agreed that a message should be sent on a suitable occasion to this effect.


6.          There being no other business, the meeting adjourned at around 4:45 p.m.




Advisory Council on Food and Environmental Hygiene

Health, Welfare and Food Bureau

October 2005