Advisory Council on Food and Environmental Hygiene



This paper sets out the proposed method of operation of the Advisory Council for Members' consideration.


Frequency of Meetings

2. The Advisory Council will normally meet once every two months.


3. Discussion papers will be issued in English with Chinese translation of key terms.

Media Arrangements and Access to Information

4. Meetings will generally be held closed door. The Chairman may brief the media on the matters discussed after the meeting.

5. The agenda, non-confidential papers and records of meeting will be uploaded to the Environment and Food Bureau's web site after the meeting.

Decision and Voting

6. Decisions will generally be made by consensus.

7. If voting is necessary, it will be by simple majority among members present at the meeting. The Chairman or member presiding will have an original vote and a casting vote if the votes are equal.

Working Group

8. Working groups co-opting specialists in the fields concerned may be set up to study specific subjects.

Declaration of Interest

9. If a member has any direct personal or pecuniary interest in any matter under consideration, he must disclose it to the Chairman as appropriate prior to the discussion of the matter. The Chairman will then decide whether the member concerned may speak or vote on that matter, or should withdraw from the meeting.

10. If the Chairman declares an interest in a matter under consideration, the chairmanship may be temporarily taken over by a member elected from among members present at the meeting.


11. Members are requested to comment on the proposed methods of operation set out above.

Advisory Council on Food and Environmental Hygiene
Environment and Food Bureau
5 May 2000