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Papers for the Information of the Advisory Council on Food and Environmental Hygiene

  1. Disease Situation in Certain Areas of Sichuan Province (PDF file, 43KB)

  2. Food Incidents Relating to Pork and Eel (PDF file, 43KB)

  3. Regulation of Freshwater Fish (PDF file, 49KB)

  4. Preparedness for the Influenza Pandemic (PDF file, 321KB)

  5. Partial Resumption of US Beef Imports (PDF file, 15KB)

  6. Progress of Comprehensive Plan of Action to Deal with the Global Problem of Avian Influenza (PDF file, 29KB)

  7. Pesticide Residues in Fresh Vegetables (PDF file, 20KB)

  8. Regulation of Aquatic Food Products (PDF file, 16KB)

  9. Importation of Chilled Pork from the Mainland (PDF file, 42KB)

  10. Proposed Guidelines on Voluntary Labelling of Genetically Modified Food (PDF file, 254KB)

  11. Control of Unauthorised Extension of Food Business (PDF file, 20KB)

  12. Importation of Chilled Pork from the Mainland and Food Business (Amendment) Regulation 2006 in Respect of Sale of Chilled Beef, Mutton or Pork (PDF file, 70KB)

  13. Views of Centre for Health Protection's Scientific Committee on Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases Suspension Period of Live Chicken Supply from the Mainland (PDF file, 33KB)

  14. Establishment of the Expert Committee on Food Safety (PDF file, 56KB)

  15. Legislation to Regulate Poultry Eggs (PDF file, 69KB)

  16. Summary of Food Safety Measures in response to the Japan Fukushima Nuclear Incident (PDF file, 36KB)
  17. Implementation of Food Safety Ordinance (PDF file, 20KB)

  18. Introduction of a Voluntary Categorisation Scheme on Hygiene Standards of Kitchens in Licensed Food Premises (PDF file, 146KB)