Papers Discussed in the Advisory Council on Food and Environmental Hygiene Meetings


1st Meeting on 09.05.2000
  1. Proposed Method of Operation of Advisory Council
  2. Food Safety Control in Hong Kong - An Overview
  3. An Introduction to Genetically Modified Food
  4. Proposed Work Programme for 2000

2nd Meeting on 06.07.2000
  1. Proposed New Regulation to Control the Feeding of Drugs and Chemicals to Food Animals
  2. Amendments to Existing Food Labelling Requirements
  3. Environmental Hygiene Services : An Overview

3rd Meeting on 14.09.2000
  1. Further Submission on Proposed New Regulation to Control the Feeding of Drugs and Chemicals to Food Animals
  2. Food Surveillance - An Overview

4th Meeting on 08.12.2000
  1. Draft Consultation Paper on the Review of the Food Establishment Inspection System and the Open Categorization Scheme
  2. A Proposal to Strengthen the Control on Unlicensed and Unhygienic Food Establishments
  3. Investigation of a Chicken Farm Exposed to an H5 Influenza Virus

5th Meeting on 02.02.2001
  1. Report on Consultation Exercise for Amendments to Food Labelling Legislation

6th Meeting on 01.03.2001
  1. Proposed Amendments to the Pesticides Ordinance (Chapter 133)
  2. Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy and Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob - Present Situation and Control Measures
  3. Food Surveillance Results in 2000

7th Meeting on 17.05.2001
  1. Proposed Amendments to the Public Health (Animals and Birds) Ordinance and Regulations (Cap. 139) to Enhance the Prevention and Control of Veterinary Diseases
  2. Use of Irradiation in Food Technology
  3. Result of Monitoring for H5 Avian lnfluenza Viruses in Markets

8th Meeting on 05.07.2001
  1. A Report on the Recent Avian Flu Incident
  2. Reducing the Risk posed by Quail in the Development of H5N1 Viruses
9th Meeting on 14.09.2001
  1. Alignment of Market Rental Adjustment Mechanism
  2. Reference Information System for Nutritional Values of Food
  3. Anti-rodent Campaign 2002
10th Meeting on 01.11.2001
  1. Microbiological Guidelines for Ready-to-eat Food
  2. Food Safety Survey
11th Meeting on 07.03.2002
  1. Report on the Recent Avian Influenza Outbreak
12th Meeting on 30.05.2002
  1. Report of the Investigation Team on the 2002 Avian Influenza Outbreak
  2. Food Research Laboratory
13th Meeting on 11.10.2002
  1. Situation Report on Dengue Fever in Hong Kong
  2. Findings of the Study on Dietary Exposure of Secondary School Students to Dioxin and Heavy Metals
  3. Progress Report on the Clean Hong Kong Programme
14th Meeting on 24.01.2003
  1. Report on Recent Avian Influenza Incidents
  2. Anti-rodent Campaign 2003
15th Meeting on 17.03.2003
  1. Food Labelling
  2. Anti-mosquito Campaign and Enhanced Vector Surveillance in 2003


16th Meeting on 20.05.2003
  1. Vaccination for the Control of H5N1 Avian Influenza in Hong Kong
  2. Proactive Actions taken by the Multi-disciplinary Response Team to Contain the Spread of SARS Cases
  3. Findings of and Government Response to Recent Surveys on Prevention of Dengue Fever


17th Meeting on 22.09.2003

40.    Discovery of Vibrio Cholerae in Retail Fish Stalls and the Quality of Fish Tank Water

18th Meeting on 23.10.2003

41.    Provisional Food Business Licences
42.    Unauthorized Building Works Found at Licensed Food Premises
43.    Proposed New Penalties for Repeat Cleanliness Offenders


19th Meeting on 16.01.2004

44.    Regulatory Control of “Private Kitchens”
45.    Anti-mosquito Campaign 2004 and Dengue Vector Surveillance in Hong Kong
46.    Avian influenza outbreaks in South Korea, Vietnam and Japan

20th Meeting on 26.02.2004

47.    Proposed Application of the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety to Hong Kong
48.    Outcome of Public Consultation on Proposed New Penalties for Repeat Cleanliness Offenders

21st Meeting on 13.05.2004

49. Prevention of Avian Influenza: Consultation on Long Term Direction to Minimize the Risk of Human Infection
50. Strategies and Work Plan for Maintaining a Clean Hong Kong
51. Control of Live Fish Wholesalers and Fish Tank Water Quality

22nd Meeting on 08.07.2004

52. Anti-mosquito Efforts Made by the Government
      -- Appendix (PDF format)
53. Safety of Pre-packaged Food Imported from the Mainland
54. Study on Dietary Exposure to Mercury of Secondary School Students (A Follow-up Report)
55. Study on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Barbecued Meat

23rd Meeting on 09.09.2004

56. Chemical Residues and Antibiotics in Food Animals and Food

24th Meeting on 12.11.2004

(Confidential papers discussed not released to the public)

25th Meeting on 20.01.2005

57. Prevention of Avian Influenza: Consultation on Long Term Direction to Minimise the Risk of Human Infection

  26th Meeting on 23.03.2005

58. Comprehensive Plan of Action to Deal With the Global Problem of Avian Influenza
59. Joint Office on Water Seepage


  27th Meeting on 21.06.2005

(Confidential papers discussed not released to the public)

  28th Meeting on 28.09.2005

(Confidential papers discussed not released to the public)


29th Meeting on 06.12.2005

60. Regulation of Backyard Poultry in Hong Kong



30th Meeting on 09.03.2006

61. Demerit Points System for Licensed Food Premises
      -- Annex (PDF format)
62. Ochratoxin A in Food



31st Meeting on 06.04.2006

63. Voluntary Surrender of Pig Farming Licences
64. The Proposed Sheung Shui Poultry Slaughtering Plant



32nd Meeting on 29.06.2006

65. Management of Public Access to Mai Po Nature Reserve/Wetland Park/Walk-in Aviaries(PDF file, 92KB)
66. The Setting Up of the Centre for Food Safety(PDF file, 26KB)



33rd meeting on 09.11.2006

67. Preparing for the Peak Season of Avian Influenza Outbreak(PDF file, 33KB)



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