Boards and Committees
Boards and Committees

Chinese Medicine Development Committee

The Government has been adopting an approach based on the concept of “evidence-based medicine” to facilitate the development of the Chinese medicine industry in Hong Kong. Since the enactment of the Chinese Medicine Ordinance (Cap. 549) in 1999, we have strived to establish and improve the regulatory regime for Chinese medicine to safeguard health of the general public and consumers’ rights while strengthening consumers’ confidence in Chinese medical services and Chinese medicines, in order to accord a professional status for Chinese Medicine Practitioners and ensure the safety, quality and efficacy of Chinese medicines.

With a well-established regulatory regime for Chinese medicines, the Government is now proactively examining the future development needs of the Chinese medicine sector, so that traditional Chinese medicine, which has been widely recognised by the public, can play a more active role in promoting the health of the general public. The Chinese medicine sector also has high expectation on its development.

In this regard, the Chief Executive proposed in his Manifesto to set up a Chinese Medicine Development Committee (the Committee). The Committee with representatives from the Chinese medicine sector will study the policies and measures to further the development of the Chinese medicines, and to make recommendations to the Government. In August 2012, the Government set up the Preparatory Task Force on the Chinese Medicine Development Committee. The Preparatory Task Force held meetings in August and December 2012 to discuss and put forth recommendations on the terms of reference, composition, structure and directions of the Committee. The Chief Executive accepted the recommendations of the Preparatory Task Force and announced in January 2013 in the Policy Address the establishment of the Committee.

The Committee is chaired by the Secretary for Food and Health and comprises members from the Chinese medicine practitioners, the Chinese medicine trade, academia, research institutes, healthcare sectors and lay persons.

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