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Boards and Committees

2015 Policy Address
(Extract on the development of a testing centre for Chinese medicine)

(IX) Healthcare
Chinese Medicine Testing Centre

194. The Government will plan and develop a testing centre for Chinese medicine to be managed by the DH. The testing centre will specialise in the testing of, and scientific research on, Chinese medicine with a view to setting reference standards for the safety, quality and testing methods of Chinese medicine. With the guidance of an advisory board formed by renowned international experts, the DH will continue to study and formulate more Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards (HKCMMS) through the testing centre. The testing centre will also embark on relevant hi-tech research with a view to strengthening the capability for the quality control and identification of Chinese medicine. A herbarium on Chinese medicine of international standard will be set up. Through various platforms and close collaboration with the relevant international and Mainland organisations, the testing centre will help promote the HKCMMS and the reference standards for testing Chinese medicine as authoritative international benchmarks to pave the way for the internationalisation of Hong Kong' Chinese medicine industry.

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