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2016 Policy Address
(Extract on development of Chinese medicine)

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Chinese Medicine

232. Traditional Chinese medicine is of great value and has been making significant contributions to the health of mankind. The award of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine to Ms Tu Youyou has shown the world that the knowledge and theories of traditional Chinese medicine can be taken to a new level through the application of modern science and technology. Built on a solid foundation, the practice of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong is blessed with an internationally recognised regulatory regime and close connections with world-class research institutions and experts. The Government is determined to develop Hong Kong into a regional innovation hub in the area of technologies and their application. Therefore, Hong Kong is well prepared to further the development of Chinese medicine.

233. The Chinese Medicine Development Committee set up by the current-term Government has put forward plans for the development of Chinese medicine in four major areas, namely Chinese medicine services, personnel training and professional development, research and development and the Chinese medicines industry. The Government has been implementing the committee’s recommendations in phases, including the launch of the Integrated Chinese-Western Medicine Pilot Project by the HA and the planning and establishment of a testing centre for Chinese medicines to be administered by the Department of Health.

234. The Government has reserved a site in Tseung Kwan O to develop a Chinese medicine hospital. It has also completed the compilation of Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards for about 230 Chinese materia medica commonly used in Hong Kong, and will launch a pilot study on the standard setting for Chinese medicines decoction pieces.

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