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2017 Policy Address
(Extract on development of Chinese medicine)

(XII) Healthcare

Development of Chinese Medical Professionals and Chinese Medicines

245. The Government has decided to finance the construction of a Chinese medicine hospital on a reserved site in Tseung Kwan O, and invite the HA to assist in identifying a suitable non-profit-making organisation by tender to take forward the project and operate the hospital.

246. The practice of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong has a solid foundation and is well positioned for further development. The current-term Government has been actively promoting the development of Chinese medical professionals and Chinese medicines with a multi-pronged approach, which includes establishing a regulatory regime, encouraging local tertiary institutions to nurture Chinese medicine professionals, supporting scientific research and innovation for Chinese 78 medicines, enhancing Chinese medicine primary care services based on the concept of “evidence-based medicine”, and promoting the development of the Chinese medicines industry.

247. For the development of Chinese medicines, the Innovation and Technology Commission will continue to support scientific research and development in this area and encourage the use of scientific evidence in establishing the clinical efficacy of traditional Chinese medicines in line with the concept of “evidence-based medicine”. It also supports the industry’s efforts in development and innovation, and modernisation of their production and quality control. Moreover, the DH will continue to compile the Hong Kong Chinese Materia Medica Standards. So far, the DH has set reference standards for some 230 Chinese materia medica commonly used in Hong Kong, and commenced in 2015-16 a pilot study on the reference standards for Chinese medicines decoction pieces.

248. The Government is actively planning the establishment of the Government Chinese Medicines Testing Institute to be managed by the DH. The Institute will employ state-of-the-art technology and scientific research to develop a set of internationally-recognised reference standards for Chinese medicines and related products. It will help empower the industry through transfer of technology to strengthen quality control of products, establish the brand image of Hong Kong in Chinese medicines, and develop Hong Kong into an international hub for scientific research on Chinese medicines testing and quality control.

249. Pending the establishment of the permanent Government Chinese Medicines Testing Institute, a temporary one will be set up in the Science Park and commence operation in phases from the first quarter of this year. The temporary institute will start some of the work as soon as possible, including the continued development of reference standards for Chinese materia medica and decoction pieces, research on high-end biological and chemical technologies applicable to Chinese materia medica and 79 medicines, and preparation for the establishment of a digitalised herbarium on Chinese medicines of international standard.

250. In respect of the development of Chinese medicine service, the Government will continue the provision of “evidence based” Chinese medicine primary care services for the public at the Chinese Medicine Centres for Training and Research (CMCs). In addition, the Government will allocate provisions for the HA to continue to implement and expand the Integrated Chinese- Western Medicine Pilot Project to gather more experience in the operation of integrated Chinese-Western medicine and Chinese medicine in-patient services.

251. To promote the development of Chinese medical professionals and Chinese medicines, the Government has requested the HA to review the salary level of Chinese medicine practitioners employed at the CMCs.

252. In the future, the Government and the Chinese Medicine Development Committee will continue to explore more policies and initiatives to promote the development of Chinese medical professionals and Chinese medicines.

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