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Committee on Reduction of Salt and Sugar in Food

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A. Terms of Reference

(a) To steer the direction and coordinate the work of reducing salt and sugar intake by the local population, including:
  • -
  • assessment and monitoring of the local situation;
  • -
  • setting out priority areas for reduction of salt and sugar in food and formulation of local reduction targets; and
  • -
  • promotion and public education strategy.
(b) To formulate and oversee the implementation and evaluation of the Action Plans for Salt and Sugar Reduction in Food in Hong Kong.

B. Membership (15.3.2021 - 14.3.2024)

Chairman : Mr Leong Cheung
Non-official Members : Mr Kiyotaka Ando
Mr Andrew Chan Kam-chuen
Mr Dion Chen
Mr Ryan Cheung
Ms Christa Cheung Shuk-fung*
Ms May Chung
Mr William Hung Wai-lai*
Mr Peter Paul Joseph Johnston
Ms Dorcas Lau Shing-suet
Mrs Linda Lau Hung Man-yin
Mr Francis Lo Fai-shing
Miss Winona Lo Oi-ling
Mr Gerry Ma Kwai-yung, JP
Ms Alice Ng Yim-ting
Mr Frankie Siu
Professor Wong Man-sau
Ms Danica Yau
Mr Rogers Yuen Lai-boon
*Appointment period from 15 November 2021 to 14 March 2024
Ex-officio Members : Representative of Food and Health Bureau
Representative of Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
Representative of Department of Health
Representative of Education Bureau

C. Contacts

For further information about the Committee on Reduction of Salt and Sugar in Food, please contact the Secretariat at:

Address : Secretariat, Committee on Reduction of Salt and Sugar in Food, 17/F, East Wing, Central Government Offices, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong
Telephone : 3509 8708
Fax : 2136 3282
Email :
12 Nov 2021