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Private Columbaria Bill (June 2014)

The Government announced at 8:00 am on 18 June 2014 that the Chief Executive in Council has endorsed the Private Columbaria Bill. The Bill proposes to introduce a licensing scheme to regulate the operation of private columbaria. Under the Bill, no person may be engaged in the operation of a private columbarium in Hong Kong, unless such operation is covered by a licence, an exemption or temporary suspension of liability. The Private Columbaria Bill will be introduced into the Legislative Council on 25 June 2014 for scrutiny.

Press Release

  • Government announces Private Columbaria Bill

  • Government submits to LegCo draft Committee Stage Amendments to Private Columbaria Bill

  • Legislative Council Brief PDF

    Points to Note When Purchasing Private Columbarium Niches PDF

    Results of the Public Consultation on Licensing Scheme for Private Columbaria

    Executive Summary of the Business Impact Assessment Report PDF

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