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Dementia Community Support Scheme


Participants who are recipients of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) or Normal/Higher Old Age Living Allowance (Normal/Higher OALA), or holders of medical fee waiver (not applicable to holders of one-off medical waiver) can receive free services under the Scheme.

Participants who are neither recipients of CSSA or Normal/Higher OALA, nor holders of medical fee waiver can pay a monthly fee of $150 to receive support services in that month under the Scheme.

If healthcare professionals of the District Elderly Community Centres (DECC) who provide support services under the Scheme have enrolled in the Elderly Health Care Voucher (EHCV) Scheme, the participants may consider using EHCVs at the DECCs concerned to pay the monthly fees.

If the financial/family status of a participant has changed that he/she has become a recipient of CSSA or Normal/Higher OALA, or a holder of medical fee waiver after he/she has participated in the Scheme, the participant can inform the DECC concerned to start waiving him/her the service fee under the Scheme in the following month after the change of his/her financial/family status.

If DECCs consider that the elderly persons who are not CSSA or Normal/Higher OALA recipients nor holders of medical fee waiver but for some reasons (e.g. lack of financial/family support) have difficulty in paying the monthly fees of the Scheme, DECCs can exercise discretion on the fee waiving on a case by case basis.


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