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Dementia Community Support Scheme

Support Services

The core support services provided through the District Elderly Community Centres (DECC) under the Scheme include:

Formulation of care plans for individual participants based on the core domains of dementia covering, cognition, functioning, behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, physical co-morbidities, psychosocial aspect and carers’ burden, to meet each participant’s specific needs.

Provision of healthcare, training and support services to the participants according to their individual care plans, with a view to enhancing/improving the cognitive functions of the elderly persons, knowledge on home safety, ability of self-care, physical functioning, social skills, etc. as well as to assisting individual participants to follow medication instructions.

Provision of training and support services to the carers on stress management and counselling services, knowledge of taking care of elderly persons with dementia, formation of carer support groups, etc. with a view to alleviating carers’ burden.

Conduct of regular case conferences among representatives of the DECC concerned and the clinical teams of the Hospital Authority to review and monitor participants’ progress, as well as to recommend appropriate support services according to their latest conditions.


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