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Report of the Strategic Review on Healthcare Manpower Planning and Professional Development

Supplementary Reports

Reports prepared by HKU on Manpower Projection
(base year: 2011)

The above technical reports show the manpower projections of respective professions with the base year of 2011. To factor in the latest available data and latest developments in the healthcare professions, HKU has updated the manpower projections with the base year of 2015, as reflected in the Report on Strategic Review on Healthcare Manpower Planning and Professional Development. The relevant technical reports will be updated and published onto the website once available.

The manpower projection for midwife is not available. It is considered that a meaningful manpower projection cannot be conducted, as a midwife may hold dual registration in both nursing and midwifery, and nurses are also deployed to work in the field of midwifery obstetrics and gynaecology.

Reports prepared by CUHK on Professional Development and Regulation


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