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Two subcommittees established under Chinese Medicine Development Committee
The Government announced today (May 24) the establishment of the Chinese Medicine Practice Subcommittee (CMPSC) and the Chinese Medicines Industry Subcommittee (CMISC) under the Chinese Medicine Development Committee (the Committee). Besides comprising some Committee members and ex-officio members, the two subcommittees have also invited members from different fields, such as Chinese medicine practice, Chinese medicine trade, academia, testing and certification, and lay persons to join. The term of membership will be from today to January 31, 2015.

To implement the policy direction of developing Chinese medicine as committed to in the Chief Executive's Manifesto, the Chief Executive announced in the 2013 Policy Address the establishment of the Committee, which will give recommendations to the Government concerning the direction and long-term strategy of the future development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong.

The Committee held its first meeting on March 4, 2013, during which it endorsed the establishment of the CMPSC and the CMISC in order to enable the Committee to focus discussions on relevant areas. "The two Subcommittees will separately focus their deliberations and study specific measures in various key areas in terms of facilitating the development of Chinese medicine in Hong Kong and give recommendations to the Committee," a Government spokesman said.

The membership of the CMPSC is as follows:

Ms Feng Jiu

Non-official members
Professor Bian Zhaoxiang
Mr Chan Wing-kwong
Dr Cheung Wai-lun
Mr Chu Hung-man
Mr Paul Fan Chor-ho
Mr Lam Kar-wing
Mr Lam Kwok-keung
Professor Albert Leung Wing-nang
Ms Li Han-dong
Ms Alexandra Lo Dak-wai
Mr Luk Shun-hoi
Dr Kevin Or Ka-hang
Dr Stewart Tung Yuk
Mr Jackson Wong Fan-foung
Mr Kenlay Wong Kong-hui
Professor James Wong Ngar-kok
Ms Teresa Yeung Siu-lin
Dr Edwin Yu Chau-leung
Ms Grace Yu Wun-pan
Dr Zhang Zhang-jin
Dr Eric Ziea Tat-chi

Ex-officio members
Representative from the Food and Health Bureau
Representative from the Department of Health

The membership of the CMISC is as follows:

Mr Paul Fan Chor-ho

Non-official members
Mr Jacob Chan Wai-ho
Mr Chan Yiu-tong
Mr Abraham Chan Yu-ling
Professor Christopher Cheng Hon-ki
Mr Cheung Sui-keng
Ms Anne Chuah Ah-poh
Mr Ho Fat-yee
Professor Kwan Hoi-shan
Mr Tommy Li Ying-sang
Dr Lin Zhixiu
Mr William Lo Ching-ping
Mr Luk Shun-hoi
Ms Teresa Ngan Man-shan
Ms Tang Mui-fun
Mr Ting Wing-fai
Mr Tsang Chiu-hing
Mr Tsu Sze-chin
Ms Wong Suet-ying
Professor Zhao Zhong-zhen

Ex-officio members
Representative from the Food and Health Bureau
Representative from the Department of Health
Representative from the Innovation and Technology Commission

The first meetings of the Subcommittees are planned to convene in mid-2013.

Ends/Friday, May 24, 2013
Issued at HKT 16:30