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Steering Committee on Review of Hospital Authority holds meeting
The Steering Committee on Review of Hospital Authority (HA) held its third meeting today (January 24). Members discussed the subjects of performance management and staff management in the HA.

Members noted the existing performance management mechanism in the HA implemented through different levels of performance monitoring and reporting. While agreeing that its existing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) system is a useful and essential performance monitoring tool, members considered that there is room to refine the KPIs to better address service demand and management, facilitate service planning and resource allocation, and drive best practices in the HA.

The Committee also studied the HA's existing staff management system as well as its recent drive to strengthen co-ordination and management at the Head Office for improving planning and ensuring consistency in practices at hospital and cluster level.

The Committee started this month to meet relevant stakeholders in order to understand their views on the Review on the HA. The Committee will look into each subject area further in more detail in future meetings having regard to the views received.

Ends/Friday, January 24, 2014
Issued at HKT 18:35