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Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences Exhibition

"Health & Medicine in Hong Kong"

Speech for Secretary for Food and Health

21 October 2017

Dr Edwin Yu (Chairman of Medical Museum Society), Dr Pamela Leung (Chairman of Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Charity Foundation), Prof Gabriel Leung (Dean of Medicine), Distingusted guests & friends,

                   Good afternoon. It’s my honour to join the opening ceremony of the Exhibition, “Health and Medicine in Hong Kong”. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces here, which makes me feel like home. 

2.                The year of 2017 is a special year for the medical field as marks the 130th anniversary of the establishment of two significant instutitions - The Alice Memorial Hospital and the Hong Kong College of Medicine. The Alice Memorial Hospital opened the first nursing school in Hong Kong. Besides, it was the first teaching hospital for medical students in Hong Kong. As a former body of the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong College of Medicine was the first incorporated institution of tertiary education in Hong Kong. Both of them contributed significantly to the medical development over the last century. I am sure the opening of this exhibition will draw the public’s interest in Hong Kong medical history.

3.                The Museum building started life as the Bacteriological Institute, Hong Kong’s first purpose-built public health and clinical laboratory. With time, the role of the Institute changed as did its name, becoming the Pathological Institute after World War II.  In 1990’s, the building was revitalized as the Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences in recognition of its historical importance.

4.                May I express my heartfelt gratitude to all members of the exhibition organizing committee for their dedication and efforts they have paid to the exhibition. I wish everyone will support the Medical Museum work.

5.                As the Secretary for Food and Health, to safeguard public health, provide quality medical services, ensure food safety and environmental hygiene will be top priorities on my health agenda.  My team and I will continue to work hard for the betterment of Hong Kong.  Thank you.