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Primary Healthcare Office
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Primary Care Directory

Primary Care Directory

The Primary Care Directory is a web-based electronic database containing practice information and professional qualification of primary care providers in the community to facilitate the public to search for suitable primary care doctors, dentists and Chinese medicine practitioners.

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Primary Care Directory leaflet

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Reference Frameworks

Reference Frameworks

The Reference Frameworks provide common reference to primary health care professionals to facilitate the provision of continuing, comprehensive and evidence-based care in the community.

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District Health Centre

District Health Centre

The District Health Centre is a primary healthcare initiative of the Government. Through public-private partnership, medical-social collaboration, it provides district-based primary healthcare services aiming to:

  • enhance public awareness of disease prevention and their capability in self-management of health;
  • drive healthy lifestyle for prevention of chronic disease;
  • support the chronically ill to prevent deterioration;
  • enhance client access to primary healthcare service.

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Resource Corner

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